Welcome to Sioux Empire Christian Counseling

Our Mission - Nahum 1:7 says, "God is good, a safe refuge in times of trouble." The counselors at Sioux Empire Christian Counseling, Inc. are committed to showing Christ's love in a broken world, by engaging in therapy from a Christian based perspective. We are dedicated to providing a safe refuge to help you improve your life.

Individual Therapy

There are a variety of reasons why individuals seek therapy. Individual therapy allows you to understand and work through any issues you may be having, by providing awareness and understanding of individual thoughts, feelings and behaviors. There can be a greater understanding of these issues when you are empowered to think, feel and act differently.

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves all members of the family or extended family. All family members are encouraged to come to therapy and share their concerns as well as their ideas for change. Family therapy focuses on the family as a "whole" and focuses on changing unproductive communication patterns.

Marital / Couples Therapy

Pre-Marital Counseling

Couples spend time and money preparing for their wedding. Pre-Marital counseling is an investment in your marriage.

Marital Therapy

Whether your marriage is in serious trouble, on the verge of divorce or if you simply just want it to be better, marital counseling can be beneficial. Marital counseling is often seen as helpful for both spouses.